There just isn't enough room on the front page nor hours in the day to read all the great blogs out there. So here's an additional list of blogs that I visit regularly.

••• Fine Writing •••

A little pregnant
Heartbreakingly funny.


Figs and Pomegranates

I've found my home (password protected)


Slightly-starved writer with a belly full of ideas.

Speaking as a parent

A lover of writing and reading

If I said "poetry and cats" you'd roll your eyes heavenwards wouldn't you? Go see, it's so much more than that.

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••• Life and times •••

Albino Neutrino

Angela Giles Klocke

Anji patchwork

At the heart of it
Sallie and her two gorgeous boys.

A view from England

Chez Goodman

Chez le Laquet

Family life, genealogy and a keen interest in the Welsh rugby team. What more could you ask?

Daisy's Petals

Digital philtrum

Domesticated Bloggage

Ethereal Girl

Frizzy logic



Idle Words


Island life

Little Red Boat

Mme. P


More from Mags

Morgaine Lefaye

Perfectly vocal

Postcards to myself

Rise v4

R.J. Adams


Suzy Says

Sophie & Eloise
French ex-pat living in Portugal. Eloise is her beautiful daughter and the subject of many of her wonderful photos.

The Taftian

The Way to the Centre
Best line: I think I need a audible warning connected to my credit card. Something along the lines of: “Put down the plastic, step away from the shiny things”.

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••• Taffia and Goggia •••

Eh? Well most of you will know the nickname for a Welsh person to be Taff/Taffy/Taffie (after the River Taff that runs through most of South Wales) but those from North Wales are known as North Walian, or colloquially as 'gog' (from the Welsh gogledd, meaning "north").

As far as I know, the word gogia doesn't exist but Taffia does (not sure about this definition though). Anyway, here are the Welsh bloggers I enjoy reading, gog or taff.

Street sign saying Parking for Welsh Only, all others will be towed

Gospel according to Rhys
Member of the grammar constabulary, motto is "Do as I say, not wot I does".

Lynne ydw i
A fellow south Walian living in the U S of A.

Blogger and member of the same mountain rescue team my father once belonged to until bad arthritis set in.

Another fellow south Walian. With better photos too.

••• Sketchblogs •••

Ascender Rises Above


Everyday Matters

Illustration Friday

Sellotape Files, the
Wonderful illustrations by Dutch artist living in Canada Eliane Duvekot

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••• Geeksville •••

Dog or higher
John Allsop: "The amazing adventures of one guy in a small room writing software, namely Style Master"

Mine blogging
Hong Kong born British Chinese expat, a gadget-loving software engineer/consultant working in New York City

Frog Blog
Web design blog, focus on accessibility.

Scripty Goddess

Waxing Techcomm

••• Language related •••

Language guy
Collaborative blog

Lost in transit
Collaborative blog

Open Brackets
Gail Armstrong, expat Canadian living in France

Naked Translations
English version

Naked Translations
Version française

The Brazilian Translator

Translation in the trenches

World Wide Words
Not strictly a blog but updated frequently. Fascinating stuff.

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••• More than just links •••


akadeMix: Seitenblicke

Angie McKaig

Anything but ordinary

Extreme web surfs

Boston journalist Jason Feifer. Be sure to check his cartoons too.


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The Blog Herald

Excellent links (mostly css, web related) and an exquisite design.

Link Machine Go

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••• Humour •••

Comedy Central

"Buttery bite-sized bits of tender bitchiness from your favourite wandering Jew." Brilliant.

Mil Millington
Things my girlfriend and I have argued about.

Mimi Smartypants

Mister Crunchy

Out of Character

Pamie dot com


Very Important Things

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••• Poochville •••

Big Bertha
Lovely brave Bertha lives with her dad and pa. If it's your first visit, check out the archives.

Dog News
An excellent collection of frequently updated dog related stories from around the web.

Praline Marie
The cutest pug on the net.

The Wally Chronicles
The Daily Adventures of a Beagle Boy.

Why Rush?

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••• Photoblogs •••

Sensitive Light

The Snowsuit Effort

Views from the North East
Wonderful photos and commentary

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••• Food, glorious food •••

A good place for a cup of tea and a think

Amuse-bouche (Jo's food blog)

Chocolate & Zucchini
Wonderful recipes and much, much more.

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••• Not Safe for Work •••



Milk and Cookies

My neighbours are hoors

The Flophouse
Definitely not work safe but Flip always has great links.

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••• Wishlist •••

Folks who are no longer blogging but might one day.

British Despatches

Gabby Hornblower
Dammit, I miss Gabby!

Hairy Dog
A new site is promised soon. In the meantime, check out his art.


Lighters, lipstick & tampax
A degree, a houseful of lovely kids, a move and a new baby on the way = no time for blogging. Hope you're well Eddie.

London Mark and New York Mark


Magnolia Glen. Vicki is one of my favourite people in the world.
Hope she's back blogging soon.

Quick Story
No updates since December 1, 2005. I really hope Em starts writing again.

Six by Nine
Here's hoping Andrea comes back to blogging soon.


Kiwi, great designer, love her sense of humour.


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••• Roll the credits •••

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